German Import

Great condition- Binding and spine are in great shape. Corners and edges are in great condition. Pages are fresh and only contains minor shelf wear. See photo of the actual book for details.

Very rare German photography book of New York City Subways in Near Mint condition released in the mid 80's. Similar in vein to Bruce Davidson's "Subway" but judging by the graffiti in this book the photos were taken before Davidson's shots. The photos in this book are from the mid 70-late. Also unlike Davidson's Subway book the photos in this book are no where to be found on the internet.

This book has some very classic inside tags and outside pieces from many famous graffiti writers from the mid to late 70's. There are about 30 pure graffiti related pictures in this book. The rest of the photos in the book are cool shots of stations, subways(all divisions represented IND, IRT, BMT) and the people who rode them back then. If you are collector of NYC subway graffiti this is definitely a nice book to add into the collection.

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