• Image of King Kong KK We didn't invent anything - 2005 Giorgio Di Salvo Lele Saveri

A RARE graffiti history artifact available from the ProFreshionalism Vault. Only 1 available of this early MILAN release from some serious photographers.

King Kong ‘We didn’t invent anything’

This exhibition celebrates the launch of the collectives first book KK.

King Kong is the name of a creative collective, formed by the owners of the eponymous shop in Milan at the beginning of the new millennium. With a “Do It Yourself” philosophy, the group extensively produced fanzines, clothes, publications, photographs, art shows, events, and music. The founders of the project are Federico Sarica and Ivano Atzori. In 2005, they decided to close the shop in favour of fresh experiences and the opportunity to spread the philosophy of King Kong to a wider audience. Federico Sarica (co-founder of King Kong) is the associate editor of Vice magazine in Italy and collaborates with Rodeo, The End and Rolling Stone, Italy. His partner, Ivano Atzori is a renowned Italian writer and artist.

The founders of the project were Federico Sarica and Ivano Atzori. In 2005, they decided to close the store in order to explore new ground and to transform KK into a fluid form.

Federico Sarica is currently Associate Editor of Vice Magazine Italia and has contributed in the past to numerous publications, including Rodeo, The End and Rolling Stone.

Ivano Atzori is widely considered the progenitor of a new attitude towards graffiti in Italy and is now a noted artist on the international level.

The exhibition contains work from the latest publication curated by Sarica and Atzori, a group of artists selected and sited by the pair as being the best minds to have passed through the double K.

These aforementioned minds belong to:

Camilla Candida Donzella. Illustrator, photographer and head of clothing line, Shameless. (Basement)

Giorgio Di Salvo. The official graphic designer of the KK project. (Window/left hand side of Main wall)

Lele Saveri. Photographer and documenter. (Ground Floor)